Inaugural presentation with Exeter Enterprise

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March 30, 2013 by rkpcs

Having planned the general content of the presentation which will be given by the team whilst travelling in South Korea, each team member has been individually working on what they plan to talk about and how best to covey the information.

Sally will be introducing team and talking about Rotary initiatives in Devon. Ed will be talking about the use of Restorative Justice by Devon and Cornwall Police, and some of the successes which the initiative has been responsible for. Lucy will be talking about public interaction with the legal system, which is understood to be something of an issue within the South Korean legal system. In particular, Lucy will be discussing the English Jury system, media in Court and public hearings. Sulina will be talking about  the development of the town of Cranbrook near to Exeter, with a particular focus upon the needs of the community and the expectations and requirements upon developers.

The team were welcomed by the Rotary Club of Exeter Enterprise on the morning of Thursday 21st March, where the team had their first public practice of the entirety of their presentation. Exeter Enterprise are already heavily involved with the GSE exchange as Lucy’s sponsoring club and one of the clubs who will be hosting the incoming team from South Korea for the beginning of their visit.

The team would like to extend their thanks to all of the members of Exeter Enterprise for their kind attention, their warm welcome and their useful feedback on the presentation content.

The team are also using some of the time with their language teacher, Joohee, to ensure that the content of the presentation is understandable for their South Korea audience.

SK presentation pic


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