Anyongassaeyo from Seoul!


April 29, 2013 by rkpcs

Leaving Incheon airport for a first taste of Seoul

Leaving Incheon airport for a first taste of Seoul

Yesterday finally saw the big departure day for the team, after several months of planning and learning and this blog is now sent to you from the depths of Seoul.

The team met at Exeter services yesterday in the early afternoon for a send off by friends, family and GSE co-ordinator Alison Maddaford. Having waved goodbye the 18 hour journey commenced, with a final destination of the South Korean capital and with a total of 165kg of luggage in tow, consisting of around 65kg of clothing and personal items and a whopping 100kg of gifts. The journey couldn’t have run more smoothly, and we landed in sunny Seoul shortly before 4pm local time, 8am in England, on 29th April 2013.

Having installed ourselves in a central hotel (which is equipped for every eventuality, gas masks are within easy reaching distance) the team  had chance for a short exploration of the immediate area, including seeing city hall with its inside walls covered from top to toe by spectacular greenery. Already, the juxtaposition between the traditional Korean inflences hand in hand with glistening modernity is apparent, and a number of traditional old buildings have been extended with large gleaming glass structures.

A wander down some back streets found a small but extremely lively traditional Korean restaurant with a speciality for enormous bowls of spare rib soup with kimchi aplenty.

Watch this space….we will back shortly.


4 thoughts on “Anyongassaeyo from Seoul!

  1. Ivan Godfrey says:

    … and what seems strange initially will become normal in a few days time! It’s amazing how quickly you will begin to feel ‘at home’! Continue to enjoy.

  2. Andrea Rowe says:

    I am so pleased your journey went well. The food even smelt nice……..

  3. Alison says:

    Glad to hear you have arrived safely. Thought of you at 7.30 am as you were preparing to land!

  4. Stuart Porter says:

    Well, what a start to the trip! Glad to hear that all went smoothly and you have captured the feel of the host country very well with the photos….food looks great.

    Looking forward to following your adventure.

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