From colour co-ordination to colour explosion….


May 3, 2013 by rkpcs

A new motto “alway expect the unexpected” was founded today……

We started the day at City Hall for a vocational meeting about how Local Government operated in Yeosu.  An unexpected meeting with the mayor found us all to be colour co-ordinated and him full of chatter.  We enjoyed an informative session on how infrastructure is funded before being taken on a whistle-stop tour of some key areas of their operation. We saw how CCTV is managed to improve the flow of traffic across the city, and the area where the public come and make enquiries about services run by the local authority, this latter space was impressive with all front and back office staff working together in an open environment.

Our next destination was Rotary District HQ – yes there really is a central office, with permanent staff! this was unexpected.  We joined a club meeting, some familiar formalities…but the meeting only lasted 30 minutes and that included welcoming the GSE team and a few words from Sally.

Some interesting Rotary projects – delivery of rice and anchovies to the elderly, green umbrella – helping children with disabilities, and a three-legged race in which Rotarians tie themselves together, just for fun!

The afternoon was spent on cultural visits – gardens, museum, and a lighthouse.

Our Rotary hosts support a local charity – a bit like a soup kitchen except Korean Pizza, instead of soup, all freshly made and handed out to local people with a bowl of rice wine.  We sampled this and thought our day was nearly over….a little light entertainment had been planned for the evening….

So, we headed off to a festival – a big event of processions, fun, and merriment…..little did we know the merriment was us and we were taking part!

We are realising our itinerary is drip-fed to us, mainly on a need to know, last-minute basis.  Each drip telling us a little more about what is actually going to happen.  First we were going to a festival, second we would wear a tee-shirt to support the festival, third we would take part in the festival, and before we knew it we were being dressed in traditional clothes and placed in a line to walk in front of a ship with a dragon’s head at the front….oh and yes the dragon did breath fire….now that wasn’t in the risk assessment!

This was followed by dinner….

What a day…..informative, fun, full of laughter, and fellowship.



One thought on “From colour co-ordination to colour explosion….

  1. Stuart Porter says:

    Brilliant, just like the Sidmouth Folk Festival. No chance of dieting then!

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