Happy Birthday Lucy….


May 5, 2013 by rkpcs

and happy wedding anniversary to Sulina (and hubby Marc)….

The day started with the team singing happy birthday to Lucy and presenting her with our homemade cards and gifts….the day ended with our Rotarian hosts presenting Lucy with a lovely cake, a bottle of fizz (non-alcoholic) and more singing.

Today is a holiday in South Korea – National Childrens day, a day to be thankful for children, so it was festival time across the city of Yeosu. Parents taking their children out for treats and generally having fun.

This being a semi-rest day for us, our Rotarian hosts took us for a lovely drive along the coast, making pit stops to take on board drink and snacks and soaking up the beautiful scenery. An amazing mid-morning snack of ‘Pat Ping Soo’ was a real favourite – a sort of sorbet with aduki beans, cubes of jelly, chopped fresh fruit, and something akin to jelly-tots. Yes it does sound strange, but oh so good!

After a light lunch we had a few hours rest-time before meeting our next Rotary hosts. Day six and our eleventh Rotary club. We chose to walk around some of the park areas and take in the festival atmosphere. Good use is made of public space, for example – there are plenty of outdoor exercise machines mixed in amongst picnic areas and walkways. It seems that great effort is taken to make these public spaces attractive.

Bundled into a mini bus we headed off to meet our next hosts. It is always a mystery as to where we are going, who we are meeting, and how many people might we meet…tonight was no exception.

A supper with around 18 Rotarians was held at a nearby Restaurant, this time a bbq at the table. Conversation can be a challenge at times. In particular over a dinner table when you are sat on the floor, struggling with chopsticks, trying to remember all the ettiquette, avoid dribbling your food down your clothes, and control your food from escaping the chopstick before it hits a neighbour. So we are learning to develop new ways to communicate….but sometimes things get lost in translation and you just go with the flow. Tonight was no exception….

Our schedule was not over, a short drive to a candle factory over an important bridge was the final activity. In fact we were being taken to a Bio-chemical industrial complex. Our hosts wanted us to see this complex at night as the skyline was impressive….and it certainly was. A major bridge had been built, funded by the three companies occupying the complex, at an approximate cost of £4bn. It is the biggest bridge in Asia.

Another pitstop was made and a lovely cake and bubbly brought over for Lucy…we sang happy birthday and took photos. This ended a lovely day, full of fun and smiles.


One thought on “Happy Birthday Lucy….

  1. Stuart Porter says:

    We can’t believe that it was only last Sunday that you left Exeter Services. You have done so much in a week that we feel quite exhausted just reading about your adventure!

    Also a birthday and wedding anniversary to remember in the years to come.

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