A creative day…


May 14, 2013 by rkpcs

After breakfast we packed up and headed to our seventh ‘home’ in sixteen days. After dropping off our nine suitcases we made our way to Celadon pottery. Gangjin’s warm climate is ideal for producing top quality clay which is turned into beautiful jade porcelain at the Celadon Pottery.

We had a tour of the museum and workshop before being let loose to be creative ourselves. Choosing a pre-formed piece of pottery we etched out our own design ready for glazing….we had a concentrated hour of near silence while we worked away and simply let our creativity come to the forefront. Our pots will join us before we leave South Korea at the end of May.

A leisurely lunch was followed by a gentle stroll around a local market. We do not seem to have had time to soak up local life so this was a lovely opportunity to potter….but not for long, we were soon back on the ‘palli palli’ (quickly, quickly) trail.

An afternoon of culture saw us take in a temple, rice wine refinery, hamel museum, regeneration of a 600 year old village, and more creativity. Our creative activity was with leather…we were shown a traditional method of designing leather bags and let loose with stamps, hammers, and lots of paints…ooh what fun we had!

A lovely BBQ rounded off the day.

Day 16 001

Day 16 004

Day 16 017

Day 16 019

Day 16 025

Day 16 028

Day 16 042

Day 16 044

Day 16 053

Day 16 056

Day 16 065

Day 16 076

Day 16 077

Day 16 086

Day 16 088

Day 16 089

Day 16 111

Day 16 132

Day 16 150

Day 16 155

Day 16 157

Day 16 162


2 thoughts on “A creative day…

  1. Stuart Porter says:

    Those suitcases must be getting heavier by the minute!

  2. Tracey Walsh says:

    Sulina and guys, looks like you are having an amazing time, at least weather better there!! x

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