Vocation, Vocation, Vocation


May 16, 2013 by rkpcs

Lucy and Ed got up very early on Wednesday 15th May to go on an early morning boat ride courtesy of a local Rotarian club president. This was followed by a lovely home cooked breakfast for the whole team at the president’s house. Then, before they knew it, they team were on the move again – this time to the town of Jangheun.

A morning visit to the police station to meet the chief of police for Jangheun County was the first stop of the day. This gave Ed and Lucy the chance to speak to the chief about policing the region. The county has a population to officer ration of apprroximately 40:1 and additional officers are being recruited at the moment. The chief explained that preventing crime was his most important objective and his main method for doing this is simply to have large numbers of patrol officers on the streets, deterring criminals and targeting the people involved in crime. He went on to say that although crime in South Korea was on the rise crime in this area was falling as his officers worked so hard on crime prevention. Other topics discussed included community policing, the network of volunteer officers, the career of a police officer, the relationship between the police and the prosecution, the relationship between the police and the public, the police complaints procedure and the legal advice available to the police when this happens. The Chief was also presented with a gift from Shaun Sawyer, the Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall Police, in the form of a force crest.

The next stop was a visit to meet the Mayor of Jangheun. Like so many of the other areas the team have visited Jangheun is currently going through a phase of redevelopment which is chiefly aimed at making the area more successful in terms of business and tourism. Sulina was able to discuss with the mayor the regeneration of the area and the sources of both government and private funding which has enabled it to take place.

Later in the day the team met with a lawyer based in Jangheun town. This allowed Lucy the chance to discuss various matters including the jury system, which has only recently started to be used in the country for certain trials which have taken place in Seoul. The benefits and disadvantages of the jury system were discussed in detail as was the death penalty which is still legal in South Korea and, although no one has been executed for several years, looks set to remain part of the legal system for the foreseeable future.

This was followed by a visit to a Korean Medical Clinic where free services are provided to people over 65, although people under that age must be covered by health insurance. The clinic offers all the treatment and advice one would imagine as well as free health and mobility classes for the elderly and a very successful anti-smoking campaign.

The final stop of the day was a Water Science Museum aimed at children to explain everything about water from the water cycle to the properties of water and the creatures that live in it. What struck the team was how interactive this place was – it was really well thought out and put together and allowed visitors the chance to be creative and to interact with the displays in a way they had not seen before in this region.


2 thoughts on “Vocation, Vocation, Vocation

  1. Stuart Porter says:

    Back to the “day jobs” then…….a few reports on your return?

  2. Liking the interactive water visitor centre. Liking the Alan Sugar board room table. South Korea seems to be so blooming civilised in so many ways. Why does every day seem to be better than the last? Loving the pictures and that boat trip looked very exciting. Yeeha!!!! Weather has been really cold and stormy here but today sun has been shining brightly like Scandinavian brightness with a cool wind still. Exmouth festival on its way next week so hoping the warmth will appear soon and the lashing rain will go away.

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