Countdown 5,4,3,2,1 oh dear its shut!


May 20, 2013 by rkpcs

Today’s primary visit was to visit South Korea’s Space Centre at Narodo which is operated by the state run Korea Aerospace Research Institute. When we arrived we found that it was unfortunately shut for the day but within the grounds there were some impressive replicas of the space rockets already launched as well as informative signs to provide some background to the way in which they have contributed to the Korean space programme.

We learned that the intention of the centre is to ensure a safer and higher quality of life for all Korean people through aerospace technology and development, with such advances being seen as a “technical prerequisite for the survival of mankind”. The intention of the centre is to communicate information about the aerospace programmes which are taking place and to build enthusiasm in the next generation for learning about aerospace science and technology, as well as providing work space for approximately 100 scientists.
South Korea launched its first space rocket, carrying a science satellite, in January of this year. It was the country’s third attempt to launch a rocket to send a satellite into space in the last four years and came after two previous launches were aborted at the last minute. The intention is for the country to build a rocket on its own by 2018 and to eventually send a probe to the moon.

We then proceeded to meet with the police Chief of Goheung and had a lively discussion about the National Police Campaign which highlights key policing objectives as being school violence, domestic violence, sexual assault and food hygiene. The force has separate telephone numbers for the above crimes and a one stop centre for any person who is the subject of domestic violence whereby all police and medical matters can be dealt with in one visit. They have a proactive schools program to try and tackle school violence in order to cut the suicide rate in teenagers and to reduce bullying in schools. The team had the opportunity to discuss methods which are employed in Devon & Cornwall police and compare the two models.

The team also built upon their knowledge of the way that a police force obtains legal advice when they are sued. The team have learned that a claims culture does not currently exist generally within South Korea, and claims against a powerful body such as the police are rare. However, where a claim does arise, each Force can access specialised legal representation from a small team of lawyers employed by the national police service who will service police Forces nationally. Again, the team had the opportunity to discuss with the police Chief the differences between the two systems and to compare the benefits of each.

The team were also lucky enough to be invited for refreshments into the home of a local doctor who opened the Haepyeong Health Clinic in the town of Norado. We discussed the incredibly healthy children in the area and the common ailments of the elderly, which are remarkably similar to those in the UK. The doctor and his wife, who works as a nurse in the centre, are on permanent 24 hour call for their patients and are highly thought of locally. The centre was only set up two years previously and already has ninety patients per day for the team of four to deal with.


One thought on “Countdown 5,4,3,2,1 oh dear its shut!

  1. Stuart Porter says:

    We have come to expect the unexpected and the recent posts do not disappoint. South Korea is indeed an amazing country.

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