And so it ends…

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May 30, 2013 by rkpcs

The big departure day arrived today, and saw the team up early to arrive at Yeosu airport for 7am. We were joined at the airport by our Suncheon hosts who have looked after us so well during the last few days, and who we will remember very fondly. We were also joined by the District Governor, District Secretary and other individuals from the district office. We were given a lovely send off as we proceeded to the departure gates.

We arrived in Seoul and, having travelled across the city to the international airport, had the afternoon completely free – a very novel concept after the schedule for the last few weeks! The team members spent their free hours in different ways, but still in the overall theme of the exchange. Ed and Lucy headed into Seoul city centre for a trip to the war musuem, and spent an interesting couple of hours learning about the various stages of the Korean war. There was an impressive memorial hall in the centre of the museum dedicated to those who had lost their lives in action during the war, and the grounds of the museum were full of ships, tanks and aeroplanes used by the Republic of Korea and North Korea during combat.

Sally and Sulina spent their afternoon enjoying the hotel facilities before the long trip home tomorrow. The cultural differences were very much apparent with some rather amusing anecdotes arising from the afternoon activities which had the rest of the team in fits of laughter upon their return to the hotel. Speak to Sulina or Sally when you see them for further details!

And finally, this is goodbye from South Korea. We will drop you all another message upon our return to Devon but until then, a great big thank you to everyone who has followed our adventures during the last five weeks. We have had an incredible few weeks, have learned so much and laughed throughout. Thank you to all of those who have welcomed us into their workplaces, homes and lives. And to those at home, we look forward to seeing you soon.


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The adventure ends...May 31st, 2013
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