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Rotary service

Group Study Exchange (GSE) is an educational programme offering cultural and vocational exchange opportunities for young professionals aged 25-40.  Typically a team of four (non-Rotarian) team members is selected, led by a Rotarian team leader.

These practical, and meaningful exchanges between Rotary Districts give a different perspective of each other’s vocation in other cultures and country’s.  Each GSE has a theme associated with one of Rotary’s key focus areas:  peace and conflict prevention/resolution, disease prevention and treatment, water and sanitation, maternal and child health, basic education and literacy, and economic and community development.

District 1170 (Devon) has a GSE planned for May 2013 with District 3610 (Jeollanam-do) in South Korea.  The theme is peace and conflict resolution.  The selected team members can expect to develop their professional and leadership skills during their preparation and over the course of the visit.  Whilst on the exchange the team will:

  • Undertake vocational visits to observe local practices in South Korea.
  • Have the opportunity to consider how to apply their learning to benefit their organisation and their own career development.
  • Make presentations at local Rotary clubs about key themes of restorative justice, the legal system, building communities and education.
  • Have many meetings across this district during our visit and the opportunity to discuss different approaches to community challenges.


Our challenge is to ensure this trip is mutually beneficial and our ability to communicate will be very important.  We will be living with local Rotarians during our stay.


  • Impact team members’ long-term career through exchange of ideas in their respective fields.
  • Consider each other’s problems, aspirations and community concerns.
  • Enhances the international perspective next generation of leaders that will take their organisation into the future.
  • Fosters a creative approach to problem solving by expanding employees skill set, exposure to alternative methodologies and preparation to address community needs.

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