The Trip

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On 1 May 2013, team leader Sally Wilcox and a team of young professionals from Devon, Ed Vallins, Lucy Seymour and Sulina Tallack, will travel to South Korea for a one month exchange. At the same time, a similar team of South Koreans will travel to Devon. The theme of the exchange is peace and conflict resolution.

This opportunity has been provided by Rotary, and is known as the Group Study Exchange (GSE). During the month, the team will travel throughout their host province of Jeollanam-Do which is the South Western province of South Korea. Each team member will stay with host families, and the team will visit Rotary clubs to provide a pre-prepared presentation on the topic of peace and conflict resolution, engage in vocational visits  to learn and exchange ideas, undertake cultural visits within the province and visit businesses and governmental departments to explore local issues and intiatives.

In preparation for the trip, the team are regularly meeting for language lessons and planning days at which their presentation is being formulated, the team intentions and image are determined and South Korean culture fully researched and discussed.

The intention of the exhange is to foster international relations, support the development of young professionals and raise awareness of Rotary’s initiatives.


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